80% Internet users information leakage network security issues highlighted

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is now a social network, in all aspects of life and the network can be said to have tied contact, at the same time, the number of Internet users and the number of Chinese is increasing constantly, but the problem of network security has now become a troubled people.

7 22, 2015 China Internet users rights protection forum held in beijing. Forum, the China Internet association 12321 network bad and spam Reporting Center issued a "China Internet users rights protection investigation report (2015)".

"report" shows that in recent years, Internet users due to leakage of personal information, spam, fraud information leads to a total loss of about 80 billion 500 million yuan, 124 yuan per capita. Among them, 78.2% of the users of personal identity information was leaked, including Internet education, name, home address, ID number and work units; 63.4% of the users personal information was leaked online activities, including online shopping records, phone records, web browsing traces, IP address, software traces and location.

"report" also lists five typical fraud users encounter, the most serious is posing as bank, Internet Co, television and other winning scams ", accounting for 76.3%; followed by 10086 and 95533 as the pseudo base SMS" and "posing as public security organs, Health Bureau, Social Security Bureau and other public institutions for telephone fraud, accounting for more than half.

the harassment telephone fraud is the source of personal information leakage intensified. At present, the degree of disclosure of personal information has reached a chilling point. 360 Internet Security Center released data show that in 2014, 360 mobile phone guards to intercept telephone harassment that the total amount of up to 16 billion 590 million times, including 6 billion 470 million times information intercept telephone fraud, that is to say, the average user received 10 harassing phone calls, there are 4 telephone fraud. How should we protect our information in the Internet age?

information was leaked

China according to the Internet society as a survey in August 2014 showed that disclosure of personal information is an important field of infringement of Internet users. 91% of Internet users believe that their identity cards and mobile phone number had been disclosed by the network; more than 80% Internet users admit their home address, name and bank card number was leaked online; more than 50% of Internet users, to confirm the qualifications, medical treatment, medical records, personal social relations, recommended

Food prices rose badly the acquisition of a large number of private enterprises in Jiangsu – the who

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in our lives, although the economy has been greatly developed, there are many factories around the building up, but there are still a lot of people living on the food. The rice has been harvested, but Jinhu County Dai Lou Zhen Dai Lou Cun large grain Lu Jinrong did not relax, this kind of nearly 600 acres of grain farmers, another identity is a food broker. Since early December, he has been the acquisition of rice zoucunchuanhu. "By December 17th, I have bought 150 tons of rice, rented a grain management warehouse holds, first not to sell, because rice prices also go up estimation."

he said, did not expect that, just half a month, food prices rose very badly. Hybrid rice harvest early, only 1.32 yuan per kilogram of dry rice, now up to $1.42. Japonica rice is also the price now than the average harvest rose 10 Fen per catty." He said, "the rice price per kilogram of three or four cents if volatility, alone poor is now 10 Fen."

store so much rice, ready to sell to? Lu Jinrong said, sold to the surrounding processing plant. Dai Lou Zhen has many processing plants, the price suihangjiushi. When food prices are low, small processing factory, because food prices did not change what, they basically only two or three days of grain. Now, seeing the rice prices, they are also anxious to close, with the broker competition.

so, but there are a lot of large grain refused to sell. "We have a lot of abandoned factories here, and they rent and put food on the table." He said the situation this year and last year really is not the same, the rice yield down last year, 2.4 yuan per kilogram of processing plants also refused to accept.

The price change of town

Haian County Hu food broker yellow friends this year on the rice is also impressive. He said that in December 1st, the local rice purchase price of 2.68 yuan per kilogram; by December 16th, 16% moisture content of rice, the rice varieties of common per kilogram has risen to 2.92 yuan, Nanjing 9108, sold 3.1 yuan per kilogram.

if moisture content standards, in fact, has exceeded the national minimum purchase price. "The majority of farmers to sell grain in granaries, the most hope is to sell a minimum purchase price, the price of higher processing enterprises now, we have to sell the factory." He said he recently in every village run every day, the amount of the acquisition of at least 5 tons, and then transported to the processing plant to earn three or four cents per kilogram of money and transportation charges.

processing enterprises grab food is not really an individual phenomenon. Zhang Xuezhi is the person in charge of Suyu District of Suqian city to the town of a jade dragon village agricultural cooperatives, cooperative members a total of more than 1 thousand acres planted rice, which is part of the recommended Hybrid Rice

Entrepreneurs do not take off the legal coat streaking

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said innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs are the first idea of funding, projects and other issues. As for the legal coat may be more entrepreneurs who ignore, and now venture, the proportion of the law is growing, want to better ensure their own interests, do not take off the cloak of law.

Baoan District from the "industrial zone" to "industrial city" across, it is essential that the escort on corporate law. Starting this week, the statement weekly launched a series of corporate legal risk prevention report, hoping to provide some inspiration for the enterprise.

has recently been at least ten cases of lawsuits Ding (a pseudonym) is desperate, he will face the possibility of personal assets to repay the debts of the company. In contrast, recently the company to move to a new home Zhou Ting lucky, start at the beginning, the company experienced other shareholders advised her to hire accounting and legal advisors, although a lot of difficulties, but after legal risk control, the company is still running smoothly. Recently, she finally saw his product line 1.1.

lead to "piercing the corporate veil"

2014 years, Xiaoding and a few friends together to set up a trading company, through the Tmall store sales, and agreed by Xiaoding as the company’s actual operators. Xiaoding quite business minded, the company has just started a very good business, and even attracted a number of partners, the company is responsible for the cooperation of the company’s online and offline Tmall store operators.

later other partners to join the allocation of equity is not clear, but the trouble is, whether it is the other shareholders of investment funds, the late investment partners, or to suppliers to pay the purchase price, do not take the company’s business account, but all into Xiaoding’s private account.

"equity investment funds are divided into personal accounts, only by agreement is difficult to identify the nature of the money, what is investment, or borrowing?" Guangdong City lawyer Zhang Lei said, Ding said the loss of business, the supplier sued the company to do business with him, friends do not believe, is that he kept the money for himself. It would have been a good solution to the problem, you can check the books, and a comparison of the public accounts of water on a simple and clear.

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Guang Jin village cadres to carry out poverty alleviation work a year zero complaints

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Although the

economy has been rapid development, a lot of urban residents living standards have been significantly improved, but there are still some people do not get rid of poverty. Recently, a cold wave swept through Guangdong, the temperature dropped "cliff". Town village is located in the northeast of Guangdong Wuhua County, cold and windy, cold rain drift, and the village team "in the village of poverty alleviation Guangdong University of Finance committees cadres in zoucunchuanhu, visits into the precise poverty object of poor households and to understand the life situation of the old party at home, do good to remind the freezing cold work, and to solicit their opinions and suggestions related to poverty alleviation.

of the villagers and their relatives, homely chatter, friends, this is from the University’s poverty alleviation work team stationed in the village for one year to "normal". A so-called intellectual arrogance, not condescending, overlooking the streets and lanes in the fields with the villagers equal exchange, so that they really integrate into the village for the village poverty alleviation work has laid a good foundation to win the village people.

in order to allow the villagers understanding of the spirit of the party and the government’s poverty alleviation policy and higher level documents, village cadres did not read the file but deeply echo what the books say, farmers understand their hearts to need to carry out publicity through the silent way and guidance.

village cadres to recognize, to make accurate poverty alleviation work, first step is the key, must follow the new period of relative poverty standard verification methods, according to the fair, just and open principles to carry out the audit review of the new period of poor households a list of recommended confirmation work, namely "precise identification". In addition, on the part of the villagers failed to meet the requirements of the poor to do the work, to appease their emotions, reduce unnecessary disputes and opposition, and ultimately play a positive effect of cohesion of the people.

Li Bo, the eldest son of

village in town, died in the year before last year, and the daughter-in-law needed to support herself and two children who were still in high school. June, Li Bo to help the team to help solve the problem of poverty caused by an open letter to the villagers, to help the wife to submit an application for help, hoping to be included in the list of poor households in the new era. But the team in the subsequent household survey found that Lee’s wife ran a restaurant, the hotel hired seven or eight workers, business is booming.

in accordance with the criteria for poor households, seven not into the long-term employment of other people engaged in production and operation activities of farmers can not enter the requirements, Li wife a family of three can not be included in the new era of poor households list. Informed of this news, Li Bo can not understand, my heart is angry.

wide gold residency work team captain and first secretary He Xiaohua under pressure again and again home to promote poverty alleviation policy, and give full play to the advantages of information workers, active guidance in the college entrance examination this year, Uncle Li, grandson of correct volunteer commendation

How to join origus

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we all know that there are a lot of fast food brands. Small business must keep their eyes open to find good projects, good is a very famous fast food stores. Join the good project, word of mouth is very good. If you join the project of good, is very seductive, hurry up!

the most difficult place is the fast-food business competition, although the fast food market is hot, but also because of the big competition so difficult to succeed, so the big brand fast-food franchise should be a good choice, good is a long established brand strength, product rich and high reputation, favored by consumers, the good what is the result of joining, obviously.

in the products, good to do? The good will of the Western diet flavor combination, make a variety of popular market delicacy series, pure handmade pizza sawuteed grilled wings, hot dishes, vegetable salad, western style food, western style cakes, features traditional pasta, special soup and so on, containing a total of more than and 80 kinds of products, the sections are pure western style. There are many delicious snacks.

joined the good? The market is very competitive, want to eat in the market, a firm foothold, the choice of a good project to join, in fact, is very important. Join the good good? The best choice to be trusted. What are you still hesitating about?

Baidu strict trial to promote the quality of combat false advertising

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Baidu recently said it would crack down on false promotion, Baidu will further promote the strict examination qualification, this or that Baidu from long ago by the sale to the private hospital business Post Bar disease free vortex.

Since the

good returns due to the search engine promotion can bring a group of criminals, driven by interests, constantly changing modus operandi, do everything possible to avoid regulation, engage in illegal business promotion activities, and even the door way, when the machine will find the original legal promotion material compliance, illegal modification information, or set some jump links, IP shield etc. evade supervision. These initiatives, the development of the entire network marketing industry has caused a serious impact, but also on the search engine companies to review the regulatory challenges of greater difficulty.

Although the top of the private poppy flower is beautiful but illegal

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brought flowers roof is a very beautiful scenery, but the roof of private poppies, indeed illegal, recently, a netizen drying out their own ignorance of private roof poppies is checked, the specific circumstances of a look!

27 learned from the police, the local police before Pu’er, through online video seized an illegal poppy eradication of opium poppy plants, a total of 163 strains.

22 this month, the city of Mojiang County Public Security Bureau police station police patrol found online at the alignment process, a netizen posted a video on the mobile phone, the police carefully in the video finally found a similar drug plants poppies. After repeated comparison of the police, the final confirmation of the video appeared in the original plant poppy plant.

according to the housing, the geographical coordinates appear in the video, eventually seized an illegal poppy cultivation in the attic in Mojiang County School District 6 residential buildings, a total of 163 strains of eradication of opium poppy plants. Local police said that although poppy nice, illegal planting can not do!



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JiuGongTu Malatang cook selection advantage – the whole was to join

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want to start a business friends know, and now, venture capital project is very competitive. Want to find a place in such a competitive environment, choose a good project is very important to join. So, to choose to join the palace cook spicy hot? Good to join the project, join the advantages significantly.

Malatang to cook house money?

Now the catering industry emerge in an endless stream

nine cooking Malatang have a professional team, not only the market experience, but also to the franchisee to provide marketing planning, brand image design, marketing, logistics management, logistics and service of food. The franchisee to do is to cook in the palace of hot and spicy headquarters to help manage their stores, you can reap huge profits. In this era everyone can start the business, the entrepreneurial market hidden a lot of opportunities for franchisees, if you can seize the opportunity, then you can board the wealth of the shuttle.

The quality of education and training institutions need to pay attention to the details of what the

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many parents are aware of their children to provide quality education benefits, so a positive for the children to provide a good opportunity to learn, so that their children can win at the starting line, running an education and training institutions need to pay attention to what?

1, pinpoint positioning: according to their own advantages, to determine the main operation of the project, rather than to see what other people make money blindly follow the trend.

2, integrity: integrity education, good faith enrollment, especially to the integrity of the cooperation between the first villain after the gentleman, it is best to sign a cooperation agreement. If not timely implementation of commitments, or did not fulfill their commitments, should take the initiative to actively communicate, there is no way to solve, must be in accordance with the agreement, timely and refund and compensation for breach of contract and don’t have any excuse.

3, standard operation: occupation education and training project, related to a family, and even the country. Abide by the law, the edge ball project, it is best not to touch. In particular, the driver’s license, teacher’s license, physician and other items out of the card, because these are related to personal safety, personal, social, national, so do not participate in the


4, don’t make price war: reduce the price for us is obviously reduced profits, the students must be service quality decline, because "a penny", loss of business, in addition to short-term promotion, who can not do.

5, peer is the most appropriate, but also the most likely partner. Not necessarily peer competitors, peers are male and bosom friend. Is the best partner. Don’t each other Jieduan, can be said to myself, emphasizing their own advantages, but don’t speak ill of others. To get along well with each other, to seek business complement each other, resource integration, win-win cooperation.

Many details of more than

can bring great help to people, win people optimistic, has formed its own join advantage, become public attention to quality education and training institutions of the brand, this is the key to success.

High quality service can make the store of talent shows itself

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now for any shop business, most worried about is the natural shops in a shops, do not have their own characteristics, so naturally not talent shows itself, there is no way to attract consumers, business will be greatly affected. Xiao Bian introduced here, if the store service can be high quality, in fact, is able to stand out from the store.

my store is located in a small town of Gaomi, Weifang, compared with other retail Household location is not very good, I always face the majority of customers are the villagers. With the improvement of the living standards of the village to increase the number of shops, I shop in the size of the store in the cracks in the survival, the store gradually reduced traffic.

look at this situation, what should I do? I see in the eye in the heart. In order to make their shop to survive, I do change their brains so they intend to shop, to raise funds for the replacement of a new modification of the store, shelves, and cigarettes counter replacement one grade made of glass, let the customer into the store looks quite unique, this kind of various brands of cigarettes produced, according to the price, how many cigarette tar content, box gloss……

display order, so that customers want to buy what brand will be at a glance, to attract customers. In addition, I added the store did not have the kind of goods in the shop, as the saying goes, to earn money to the , so I carey take care of the business has a new improvement. But my business has not been a long time, and I have the strongest competition of the two shops show their killer, playing a price war.

this price war on my business is a new challenge, once again affected by traffic. But I still do a good job in the management of the price, so that the integrity of the business, to ensure genuine, new business ideas in my mind brewing and health. I know that the price war is not a permanent solution, only to improve the quality of service will enable the shops to get permanent interests. I will try my best to the customer’s service requirements: service quality is better than the needs of customers, so that the customer’s home.

so, I think we should do, favorable conditions for the use of the mother and uncle help, customers need bulky items or inconvenient to buy customers, as long as a phone call, I will give to the customer’s home immediately. I don’t want to let customers down and buy wrong.

, for example, the king of the back door to buy a battery, I asked her to buy a large number, but she did not know, only know that is installed in the TV remote control. But the remote control batteries 7 No. 5 and No. two, she said that she didn’t know, I took the No. 5 and No. 7 are to her, but she said No. 7, said 5, I also confused. She wanted to come home and take a look at the remote control. Aunt Wang had a large section of the road from my shop and had to cross a big road