The province’s discipline inspection and supervision system advanced collective workers in recogniti

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1 12, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security held a meeting, a grand recognition of the province’s discipline inspection and supervision system advanced collectives and advanced workers.


of the party since eighteen, the province’s discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels and the general discipline inspection workers, adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" and Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, in-depth study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, a comprehensive focus from the strict party discipline, conscientiously perform their duties of supervision and discipline of accountability, to persevere in Ji first, resolutely correct four winds, heavy punishment of corruption, and unwholesome tendencies occurred in the efforts to solve the problem of corruption around the masses, the province’s clean government and anti-corruption work and achieved remarkable results, for the rich civilized and harmonious beauty and provide a powerful guarantee to build new Qinghai, the emergence of a large number of advanced collective and selfless dedication, impartial discipline dedication, outstanding achievements and advanced workers. In order to further establish a good image of the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres loyal, clean, play, play spirit, typical role model, incentive and discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels and the General Discipline Inspection and supervision of cadres to emulate, pioneer, to promote the province’s clean government and anti-corruption struggle, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security on 2012 – 2016 year, the emergence of the province’s discipline inspection and supervision system of the CPC Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection 15 "Provincial Discipline Inspection and supervision system and advanced collective" Mie Guoli 49 "Provincial Discipline Inspection and supervision system of advanced worker recognition.

meeting the requirements of the province’s discipline inspection and supervision system of all cadres, with advanced collective and advanced workers as an example, learning their faith and loyalty to the party, love the cause of discipline inspection and supervision, selfless political consciousness; learn their excellent character, the courage to play, fulfill their duties and highly responsible for work; they learn to adhere to the principle of honest and upright and outspoken, in the construction of anti-corruption struggle and courage to move really tough action, tenacious struggle to maintain party discipline, the dauntless spirit; learn from their hard work, honest, and strive to practice the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly noble sentiments, focus on realizing "four major solid", conscientiously fulfill the sacred duty entrusted by the "constitution". To further promote clean government and anti-corruption work in the new journey of comprehensive strictly in, Make new and greater contributions.


Xining municipal housing security and Housing Authority Discipline Inspection Committee to carry out

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According to the Xining Municipal Supervision Bureau Director Chen Hongbing in 2012 the municipal government work conference speech, mainly to earnestly work to promote the government anti-corruption in 2012, housing security and Housing Administration Commission for Discipline Inspection formulated "issued on 2012 to carry out security notice of housing allocation supervision implementation plan" (Ning real Ji "2012 document No. 4), concurrent to the affordable housing units in chargeThe spirit of

according to the Xining Municipal Supervision Bureau Director Chen Hongbing in 2012 the municipal government work conference speech, mainly to earnestly work to promote the government anti-corruption in 2012, housing and Real Estate Management Bureau formulated the "notice on the issuance of the Commission in 2012 to carry out the affordable housing allocation supervision implementation plan" (Ning real Ji 2012 Document No. 4), concurrent to the affordable housing units in charge. In April 26th, 27, the Joint Commission for Discipline Inspection Bureau City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the first discipline committee, Supervision Bureau, according to City District, West District, East District, North District order, in-depth District Construction Bureau, subdistrict offices and neighborhood committees, to carry out the supervision work of the year 2012 to be allocated low-cost housing pre audit, publicity, and understanding since 2008 the implementation of affordable housing policy, housing security in the district distribution encountered in the process of the problems and solutions etc..

in the process of supervision and supervision of the work, the first to listen to the introduction of the district to carry out the work of affordable housing. Districts are able to adhere to the people-oriented line of work, the town has always been to solve the housing problems of low-income families as the district’s "livelihood projects," the focus of work, focusing on financial resources, focusing on security. At the same time, the indemnificatory housing is an important part of the social security system. In accordance with the conditions and procedures for the declaration of affordable housing, gradually advancing in batches. Housing security system is also gradually expanding constantly improve, in order to achieve the city’s residents living in the goal of doing a lot of informative work, the party’s real Huimin policy implemented. In the subsequent access to relevant information, found the district from the community, street offices to the district government, the affordable housing allocation each time, they can adhere to in accordance with the "three audit two publicity", a joint review of the multi department selected from low income families, strict access. In the process of publicity received complaints from the masses can be taken seriously, re examination, the family does not meet the conditions in a timely manner, the real conditions of the family into the scope of protection.

District Housing Security Department of the Commission for Discipline Inspection to carry out the supervision and supervision of affordable housing distribution work has been fully affirmed and give strong support and assistance. Through supervision and supervision, will effectively promote the district and the city’s affordable housing allocation of open, fair, just, transparent operation, the city’s affordable housing system to establish a solid foundation for the establishment of a sound. Next, we will also participate in the distribution of affordable housing Yaohao scene, the late occupancy and other aspects.



Traffic arteries in eastern urban agglomeration

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Traffic is one of the prerequisites for the formation and development of urban agglomeration, while public transport is the core component of urban agglomeration. The day before, completed by the provincial transportation department and the Ministry of transport planning and Research Institute developed "transportation leading and supporting the eastern province of Qinghai city group development strategy research", clearly the future direction and focus on the development of regional traffic in eastern city group, in the implementation of the original "city east of Qinghai province transportation development planning" of the group the eastern city traffic artery, the group will get clear greater strength.Study on the development of the proposed

it is reported that the study also proposed to strengthen the city group area intercity rapid transit system, accelerate the construction of interoperability, efficient and convenient inter city transport network; actively build a diversified public transport service system, improve the eastern city transport development strategy group public transportation attraction etc..  

Xining agricultural products quality and safety supervision work to a new level

The repeated search and investigation, careful analysis of Xining agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department of our city agricultural products quality and safety supervision problems, and on the basis to find out the problem, the implementation of a variety of initiatives, strengthening the city agricultural products quality and safety supervision. For this,
Xining people’s broadcasting station reporter Gu Gang on the Xining Municipal Bureau of agriculture, animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau Wang Weihua ;
please listen to , the city’s agricultural product quality and safety supervision work on a new level.

file name: "the city’s agricultural product quality and safety supervision work on a new level"


Gu: the Ministry of agriculture on the first and two quarter of agricultural products is not optimistic about the routine monitoring, how do you evaluate the quality and safety of agricultural products in our city?

Wang: we Xining city agricultural product quality and safety supervision work after several years of efforts, can be said to be on a new level. Although the Ministry of agriculture for agricultural products are not routine monitoring in our city in the two quarter, the first place, like the field to Ning vegetables unqualified, but overall, the work on a new level.

Gu: indeed, the agricultural sector has done a lot of effective work in agricultural product safety testing, construction of agricultural products detection studio from scratch, and then to the popularity of the supermarkets; from the training of inspectors, to the vegetable wholesale and retail markets and supermarkets full accredited testing personnel. It is an indisputable fact that the quality of agricultural products is better than one day. In order to do a good job, farming and animal husbandry departments must have a lot of effort, right?

Wang: we have taken six measures this year:

a, strengthen agricultural production base of drug management

organized the city’s production base of drug safety special rectification, increase the intensity of investment supervision production base, in key areas, key production areas to carry out the production process of the safe use of pesticides, promote the standardization of production. Vegetable standard garden, breeding area to establish and improve production files, truthfully record the source of inputs, medication time, product harvest date, etc., effectively reduce the production of agricultural and veterinary drug use risk. Grassroots agricultural extension departments to strengthen publicity and safe medication guidance, improve the level of scientific medication, pesticide residues, to ensure the quality and safety of vegetables. Focus on strengthening the production base of vegetable testing, increase the frequency and range of detection, to ensure the safety of vegetables listed.

two, and comprehensively promote the "three one" brand promotion action

with pollution-free agricultural products base construction, pollution-free agricultural products, green food, organic food, registration of geographical indications of agricultural products (hereinafter referred to as the "three one") certification as the starting point, strengthen the pollution-free agricultural origin identified, "three one" products to recognize;

Xining City Board of education requires primary and secondary schools to find correct non-standard s

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July 10th, Xining City Department of Education issued a "Circular on further clarifying the behavior standard" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), requiring schools, the city’s districts and counties in the middle school to act immediately, team members and all the staff for further study the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of education, widely publicized national, province and city and county for reducing the burden on students of the spirit of the document and the relevant provisions, timely find and correct the school running behavior of all kinds of non-standard.

students in school, school time and the amount of work shall not be timed, excessive. Schools should strictly implement the "Xining City Bureau of education for the primary and middle school students in the school timetable and the burden of the relevant provisions of the notice" of the relevant provisions, that is: the students morning time is not earlier than 7:30, students (day students) school day students shall not exceed 6 hours, high school students should not exceed 8 hours; compulsory education one or two the third grade, leaving no written homework every day, grade four or five subjects total no more than 45 minutes, grade seven or eight no more than 1 hours. Schools and teachers are not allowed to arbitrarily increase the curriculum, class hours, to ensure that primary and secondary school students 1 hours of physical activity per day (including physical education).

to ensure that teachers and students at the statutory rest time to rest. Schools are not allowed to use holidays without authorization to organize students to make up missed lessons. Because of the large delay class activities to finish the teaching plan needed remedial, to the approval of the administrative department of education shall be submitted to the local, can arrange the appropriate time to cram, remedial time shall not exceed the time delay for large-scale activities. It is strictly prohibited to use the extra time for paid tutoring, paid extra lessons for students, part-time, part-time behavior in school teachers in public schools.

eliminate the coffers, accounts, prohibit unauthorized 5100. The financial revenue and expenditure of all primary and secondary schools must be publicized in a timely manner. Schools are forbidden to account and set up illegal accounts; resolutely withholding and misappropriating funds for education and school resources illegal behavior; school commodities procurement and school construction projects should be strictly carried out according to the approval procedure of government procurement, bidding and other policies. Ordinary high school, kindergarten, according to the provisions of the project and standard fees, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens shall not be held to raise fees for the purpose of improving classes, specialty classes, competition classes, bilingual classes, etc..

schools are not free to increase or decrease courses, difficulty and class. We must strictly enforce the national curriculum plan, attaches great importance to information technology, art, sports and health, comprehensive practice course set up, carry out rich and colorful extracurricular activities, effectively promote the all-round development of students.


The prevention and control of infectious diseases in addition to the four pests is the time

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Has entered the high incidence of infectious diseases in the autumn season, the recent outbreak of dengue fever in Guangdong and other places, some countries in West Africa, Ebora hemorrhagic fever epidemic continues to spread. In order to strengthen the disease monitoring and early warning, timely grasp the dynamics of the epidemic, according to the national aiweihui deployment, October 18th, province aiweihui organization provincial capital medical institutions and aiweihui members of the unit, carry out in the center square to "clean environment, autumn patriotic health campaign promotional activities focused on the prevention and treatment of disease" as the theme. Among them, the centralized organization except the "four pests" activities, the prevention and control of infectious diseases. In this activity, the combination of our province health activities to create urban and rural environment clean action, to further increase the vector control efforts, establish and improve the vector network monitoring, the organization in addition to the "four pests" activities, the elimination of the vector breeding place. It is understood that the disease vector is the ability to carry and spread bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful organisms. Vector control is commonly known as the "four pests", that is clear in mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and other pests. Rodents can be controlled by physical control, biological control and chemical control methods. Fly control is mainly to do a good job of garbage harmless treatment, clear all kinds of breeding sites; doors and windows to prevent flies and other facilities. Cockroach prevention and control is the key to prevent cockroaches invasion, so that the gap between the hole, do a good job of indoor health, eliminate cockroaches habitat, cut off food and water. People to remove indoor and garden water, can eradicate mosquito breeding environment.  

When the students into a different kind of scenery

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Xining evening news in March 20th launched the "evening news" swept the campus when the student teacher initiative thematic reports, caused great concern of the readers and the tens of thousands of users quickly, we have told the evening news reporter by telephone, QQ, micro-blog, WeChat and other forms: "let the teacher when the day students, such a city activities are both creative and really we love."

evening news activities to give the burden of reducing key

in the morning, many users have in the evening news on the official micro-blog and reporters QQ platform message. Netizen Liu Jingguan, communication double line and Yang Bin said: this evening a city planning is good, can let the teacher feel the pain and joy of children’s empathy, to improve teaching methods, can let the student in the activity of good teachers, principals, and the teacher-student relationship, home school more harmonious relationship. Our school, primary school, and the tiger Taiwan Bayi Road, Bridge Street Primary School Primary School and other schools have to call the person in charge said to reporters, "let the teacher when the day students" activities institutionalized, normalized, become a powerful starting point of the education system in a city. Tiger Taiwan elementary school principal Lang Sanfu said: let the teacher Dangdang students, can let the teacher really understand the students in the end what kind of classroom, what kind of teacher, how homework, what kind of teacher-student relationship.

such a city event we like

many readers and friends excitedly in the newspaper to call, message: "let the teacher initiative evening when the day students", such a city is a city of our love, is a protracted war to civilization infiltrated every human bone marrow, by assault, by engaging in some of the pain does not itch is unable to change the people, improve people’s. Evening news plan launched by the large city creation activities, through the role of transposition experience, let teachers feel the children’s sour, sweet, bitter, hot from the perspective of the students, then to teaching, to rethink their own way of education…… The blue eagle said: "teacher evening when students hit the city, no doubt is a bold innovation, a city of Xining poverty, need innovation more of it."

all walks of life should be a transposition experience

people are moving, many readers, users also eagerly hope that the evening news in the future to be able to plan a lot of initiatives when the teacher students such beneficial creative activities. Some readers, users in exchange with reporters, but also for the city of Xining hit the way to find a solution, ideas. Netizen Robel said: "in fact good practice in front of all walks of life in the city are suggested to try this evening to experience a city initiative conversion mode, if this mode of popularity, a city of Xining will achieve a multiplier effect." (author: Dezhou)

How to open children’s English training institutions

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we know that children’s English training institutions are faced with children, so for the children’s English training institutions operators, to master certain skills is very important. How to open children’s English training institutions? What are the precautions? Today Xiaobian to tell you about the children’s English language training institutions attention!

The ability of

two, encourage interaction. English learning is an interactive process. As the famous educator Halliday said: "the mother tongue and the second language learning is a cognitive process, its form of expression is the continuous exchange of self and others." ABC English has always emphasized interactive teaching. In the process of teaching, students and teachers interact, there is interaction between students and students.

three, discuss and support collaborative conversation. How to open the children’s English training institutions in communicative language teaching to promote students to exchange ideas, to solve practical problems, and to reach a consensus understanding, stimulate children’s motivation and desire to talk. ABC English teacher will be in the course of the students in group practice, will be divided into several students TEAM". There is a collaboration between each TEAM internal student, there will be confrontation between different TEAM. This way of teaching, so that each participant can actively participate in.

five, to create a relaxed, pleasant and supportive learning environment. Create a positive learning environment for children, eliminate children learn English in fear, support challenging activities and adventure, with associated with the child’s life interesting topic, cultivate children all aspects of conservation. ABC English requires that each room must have a reading room, English corner, entertainment room and so on. The children can eliminate their fear of English and increase their interest in English learning.

How to open a tea shop to attract talented people

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in today’s society, what is the most missing? I think a lot of people should be very clear. This is not only the lack of large companies, small tea shop also lack. So, for a milk tea shop, how to recruit the most suitable for their talents? The author believes that, according to the following aspects to select talents.

1. implement classified recruitment strategy

there is no difference between no strategy, a tea shop looking for potential reserve management personnel, and for general business personnel or operating personnel, both in the recruitment channels or in the selection method should have difference. For example, the recruitment of general service personnel, should not make too many demands on education, just pay attention to his attitude to service work, understanding and his practical experience. If the recruitment of management talent, can focus on recruiting outstanding college students. This is not only conducive to attract and retain outstanding talent, but also conducive to the formation of a reasonable structure of the quality of the staff.

2. recruitment work should focus on staff training and development

tea shop recruitment service staff, tea production staff and managers, is to focus on the future development of a company. Therefore it is necessary to think about the people in the recruitment into the enterprise, 3 years, 5 years after what he can do, also need to pay attention on the candidates considered on their own occupation career development planning, training to candidates and actively promote enterprises for talents.

3. uses targeted personnel selection procedures and selection methods

recruitment management reserve personnel not only to examine the applicant’s business knowledge and business skills, but also focus on the management potential and leadership potential. Therefore, compared with the general staff recruitment, recruitment management, reserve personnel selection procedures are usually more complicated, the selection method is also more abundant, in addition to the common table by Qing Shen (or resume) outside the primaries, written examination, interview, often by means of psychological testing and Evaluation Center (Assessment Center) and other professional methods.

4. tea shop senior management and employment department heads should actively participate in the recruitment work

relative to the human resources department staff, the senior management of the enterprise and the Department of the company’s overall operations and business development has clearer and more direct understanding of them, to some extent, more clearly in the future management of the enterprise needs what kind of talent. Moreover, when the senior management in the publicity of enterprises, but also in a more favorable position than the human resources professionals.

5. to regularly evaluate the recruitment of milk tea shop

evaluation content >

Gan River Industrial Park, Xining Economic Development Zone, the implementation of 18 projects for p

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up to now, 18 key pollution control project Gan River Industrial Park in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the implementation of the 8 have been completed, another 3 are debugging. It is reported that this batch of pollution prevention and control of key projects, there are 12 air pollution control projects.

it is understood that the Gan River Industrial Park settled enterprises reached 104, of which 63 industrial enterprises, 34 have been completed and put into production. For the realization of "resource-saving and environment-friendly" target, Gan River Industrial Park according to the actual situation of the industrial layout and energy structure, to further strengthen supervision, and urge enterprises according to the requirements of environmental protection to fight against air pollution, waste water and industrial solid waste etc.. This year to establish the 18 pollution control projects, including the transformation of carbon dioxide recovery technology, Yuntianhua Saline Lake Haina cement production line denitration, Mount Everest zinc sulfuric acid production system desulfurization project. According to the progress of the project, which is expected to be completed before the winter of 15, the remaining 3 ongoing preparatory work.

in addition, according to the requirements of the national, provincial and municipal air pollution prevention and control, the development of air pollution comprehensive management action plan. Through the adjustment of industrial structure and energy structure, the elimination of backward production capacity and technology, such as comprehensive management, effective control of the park to reduce emissions of particulate matter, reduce pollutant emission intensity. Plan to 2014, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide concentration control in the ambient air quality standard level two range, annual average concentration of inhalable particles decreased more than 10% compared to 2013, atmospheric environmental quality improved park. (author: Rong Lijun)