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  • Webmaster network business success should have the spirit

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    network (www.bestb2b.com) as being the webmaster, in the field of network also has experienced a lot of sour, sweet, bitter, hot wrote the day before yesterday I stood, was expelled from Baidu to PR4 and Baidu included 2 billion experience a lot of praise, I don’t know what to say here, today I want to talk about some of the spirit of stationmaster of entrepreneurship, only representative personal views, please criticism.

    1: to have enduring stamina and indomitable spirit, even if the site of traffic decline, but also to adhere to update every day.

    2: have time and the spirit of the game, a struggle in the network industry but not for time or refuse to race with time people will not be successful, on the Internet, everyone is equal, only to struggle against time to succeed.

    3: Web site content is not "enough", "adequacy", for a dynamic website, the fresh blood is every essential nourishment! Do must ensure that the emergence of a large number of fresh information in our own web site every day for our webmaster, this is the basis of network business.

    4: to the development direction of time research network, but as a personal webmaster can not just the "times", sometimes watch is a kind of spirit.

    5: we should always pay attention to the national policy, and the websites which the state develops vigorously will be more promising.

    6: it’s important to pay attention to regulating your personal emotions and mental states.

    thank you for your attention,


    personally, I always adhere to the above principles, so my hobby network has now been indexed by BAIDU for about 200 thousand pages, and PR is 4.

    The theme of Lu Songsong blog user experience and details

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    must write blog, want to do a good job blog, not a few do not know lu. Lu Songsong blog, which has become a blog brand, is familiar to you. Its blog blog in the form of exchange visits, to achieve high levels of blog traffic, popularity, high realm. And behind this, you may ignore a behind the force: his blog theme.

    from his blog theme architecture, SEO, user experience can be described as grade.

    below, I will talk about features from the recent usage and observation.

    navigation bar, menu settings,

    you do not know whether there is usually a feeling like this, with a blog, even though the writing is more formal moment of the article, and also want to write their own life, or non technical thoughts ". And the content of the blog is too formal, see a lot of people, even if you want to write, and put the columns together, I always do not feel good. Like the Moonlight blog and Mou Changqing’s blog, there’s a one level directory to write about life or some very technical stuff. In the theme of Lu Songsong’s blog, there are two types of navigation, the left one, and the large font. Put some main columns and menus. On the right, in small letters, the space between them is narrowed. Put some columns of life, feelings and observation articles. It can be said that Lu Songsong blog theme of this little idea, relatively perfect solution to the above difficulties.

    ‘s most active friend in 30 days,


    is the blog message exchange, but how long to continue to let visitors to message to increase popularity?. May think Lou loose this problem, how to let visitors (mostly bloggers) continued to voluntarily blog, he thought of a good solution dedicated to connect the station (no home, but also a big problem). Webmaster to message, also is not to a chain, so Lu Songsong gave the station the links give out, although it is devoted, but not unconditionally: you have to continue the recovery, as long as a period of time will not relax, then you may suddenly lose the whole station (this is the link the vast). Some forum reply message signature also adopts this approach, such as the PW forum. Put the link consumption points, not the forum posted on integral link is meaningless. Lu Songsong transplants this function to the blog message, may say is a big innovation.

    visitor message details processing

    because Changsha SEO this station is a new station, the article is not difficult, for Changsha SEO, the most important thing is the chain. So after I left some time on Lu Songsong’s blog, I wanted to send out a separate link, but my wish came to nothing. Others work, tragedy. Now most of the messages are to use successful messages, and then send another message, there is no need to review. So is Lu Songsong. Think of this, I am in front of the regular positive message, so I want to send one or two separate links. And my single link message is not >

    Talking about the core value of forum marketing

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    forum, netizens are familiar with it, it can be said that the Internet ashes level applications. With the same age popular enchanting chat room, almost come to an end, and the forum, but still beautiful, but also derived from Baidu Post Bar, Tianya laiba these younger heroes, then came to the horse blog, SNS also did not account for cheap.

    for BBS marketing, narrow understanding is in the BBS above some group of company information, product information. The past and present, there are many companies and people are keen on this kind of work, the future will probably continue to do so, one-sided and unidirectional way that, from the point of view of the characteristics of the Forum on the contrary, the effect is just passable, even unpleasant. Seriously, this approach can only be regarded as a pathological and wishful way of network marketing.

    What is

    so broad and effective marketing forum? Look at the forum to participate in the topic clustering features: (disputed) interactive sharing, these five words contain the core features of the forum.

    forum marketing first step, as an enterprise, identify yourself in the forum inside the position is very important. You sell IT products, and you don’t have much to go to the tea selling forums. This is.

    forum marketing second steps to participate. This is very simple, that is, to find their own base, it is necessary to join. Register as many accounts as possible (Ma Jia).

    forum marketing third steps, topics. With your account, you have the right to speak. Here is what to say? This is very important, which requires companies to have a strong event planning, event planning, topic planning, post planning ability, inside the core of this principle is to always stand to consumers, the listener side, they want to think, think they think about their worries. To put it plainly, you are the consumer. This stance and principles of care to do marketing plan. Controversy is also a good strategy.

    The fourth step,

    forum marketing interactive, post out, the most important is the thread, the thread, the post will become a big stick, big stick sticky sticky and more often, people click, view, thread, this is a virtuous circle.

    forum marketing fifth steps to share. This is the most dynamic result of interaction, a consensus or tendency or experience that most people have reached. This requires constant guidance from the enterprise. Sharing a consumer experience is affecting consumer behavior. That’s the point.

    in fact, forum marketing is a subtle process, can not see the dazzling dazzling magnificent BANNER advertising, advertising words, utilitarian straightforward call uproar, but to have more power than these. Why because experience consumption is not a simple trading but a solution to buy, with a sincere and full disclosure of information, more user experience to tell consumers, the product, the service, you deserve it, this is the essence of marketing forum.

    good use of forum marketing, for business purposes >

    What will the Internet company do in 2009

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    has been in the Internet company since two years and six months. I have a little understanding of the Internet company. Today I share my experience with you.

    in recent days really naughty, is probably the economic crisis was naughty, restless market suddenly becomes the whole mess. The Internet company overflowed and the customers were gone. The economic crisis, and to make only superficial changes. The company that I lead is the world wide power. When the company was founded, it was positioned as an Internet Marketing Planner, serving the vast number of enterprises, and making a comprehensive network marketing plan for the company’s image, brand and products. The market has opened a lot, the fault is that the lack of promotion of their own. So, let some obscure small company or individual grab the opportunity. This is a what kind of form, the network company spread even further, there are two simple reasons, first, some companies pay attention to the production site marketing website marketing website publicity, so the notice SEO put up a pageantry, (search engine optimization) and up to SEO. Second, the economic crisis, ah, no money, the new year’s total can not do it, then grab customers chant, signed a list of the first payment, a degree of difficulty is always not a problem. Who will believe us then?. Finish the task, the network company said no problem, wrapped in us, keywords low price sign, the effect does not appear, and of course! These are not my false made up, the market is like this, because some small companies do not want to give us the basic contract, let me give refused, operation of the company for nearly four years is not easy, not ask for it.

    "do what you do best," and forget what the lyrics are. So, 09 years, I worked out a whole new operation plan. Take a few steps.

    first, instead of telemarketing, follow the road of word of mouth marketing. Before, my company’s marketing model is mainly engaged in telephone marketing, without leaving home, the effect is still OK, but to change the time, so I should pay attention to word of mouth marketing. Hard brand, high-end service. Prefer to create the best, perfect, not to mold N flaws. Service moved customers.

    second, network and entity combine. The use of regional resource advantages, and local entities combined marketing, which shows that I want to set up the Department of e-commerce. You can think so, I do a website to the customer how much money? Generally around 5000 yuan, I can through the network marketing Commission took more than this number? We know more about network marketing than customers, not like this? Say, money, Why not??

    third, integrated companies, positioning and enterprise packaging. The original company had these operations, but they failed to do so. This is also the resources gathered make only superficial changes when. The company will refine the Department, from the graphic design department, network marketing department, media advertising department, office software department four aspects, and fully play the role of enterprise packaging company. This means that not only is the enterprise network packaged, but the enterprise

    See the sea inside and outside the terminal on the 3 letter domain name how to task

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    renamed China (eName.cn) April 27th – in the new DN list, we can see that the 3 letter domain name PPP.com for $290 thousand, nearly 1 million 800 thousand yuan price from many of the world trade in talent shows itself to win the title. Domain name investors valued so 3 letter domain name, and what are the terminal of it is entrusted with the task of


    No. 1, yhd.com, Jingdong,

    in the high-profile Jingdong replaced 2 letter domain name jd.com, and with the promotion of the high cost of the province, in the electric business promotion Yuezhanyueyong, line providers, Jingdong rival shop also sit still, then put on a suit than the original brand name spelling yihaodian.com is more simple and easy to remember yhd.com. Trying not to fall behind in the domain.


    : shop number

    shop to send 3 letters yhd.com against Jingdong, was a senior people in the industry said that this is a right choice, according to the Alexa query, yhd.com does deliver the goods, the average daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) was 3 million 330 thousand, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) up to 26 million 640 thousand.

    vip.com bet millions of vip.com on

    , and in the same year on the 1st store for the yhd.com domain name, vip.com also with the mainstream high-profile enabled 3 letter short domain name vip.com, change the use of years of combination domain name vipshop.com. When the news came out, the industry was shocked, especially after the news that vip.com for vip.com ruthless hit $2 million, about 12 million yuan later.


    : vip.com

    in a 3 letter domain and ten million yuan price of vip.com, and whether it benefits from the domain name on the body? It is reported that, for vip.com vip.com, only 4 months after the market has been rising, becoming the fourth largest Internet Co. And query Alexa, domain name vip.com average daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) is 1 million 980 thousand, average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) 25 million 740 thousand, in a public electronic business platform, excellent performance.

    in addition to the electricity supplier on 3 letter names so pay to the task, the domestic well-known brand of UAV Xinjiang innovation of the 3 letter domain name is also very seriously, had spent $300 thousand, about 1 million 840 thousand yuan to compete from overseas bought dji.com and enabled to build overseas website. The developers of ShareSDK service platform has the largest Weiqi brand from overseas $220 thousand, about 1 million 370 thousand yuan to buy back the domain name Mob.com platform.

    overseas, Qatar National Bank is also big for the 3 letter domain name

    Ni Yeming I do some of the results of the Forum promotion summary

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    forum for the promotion and marketing, the first to introduce my experience, I do 3 years of bamboo in Changzhou long lane forum Hualong, I start from the 08 year on the lane, this year has been a full 4 years.

    when I start to help users to answer questions in the forum of the computer section, and then slowly in the forum section has a certain reputation, you can take some of the list to do, but I will not give up on this later. For the forum, I think we should do the following, we should not have a good harvest:

    1. Correctly understand the forum and promote

    1. Forum promotion is not mass advertising, a little better forum will be deleted. Forum without deletion is definitely useless, forum

    2. Forum promotion lies in quality, not in quantity, posting quantity is not our purpose, our purpose is to achieve reservation effect. So, as long as you can achieve the effect, even if a paste is also successful

    The essence of

    3. Forum promotion is interactive, not a person talking to himself, the forum is characterized by interactive, so for BBS promotion, only attracted the attention of the user, is the success of

    two, Forum promotion process: understand the needs, prepare materials

    1. understands the purpose of

    What products does

    promote and what are its goals?. Traffic or sales. Related to the future strategy, such as only to do the chain, regardless of the content is good or bad, as long as you can stay outside the chain of forums. If sold, the content is important,

    2. understand product

    what are the advantages of our products? What are the disadvantages? Users of the product is that group of people? What is our product highlights? Those highlights can impress the users? Our products can help them solve what problem? According to the product, and to find the user into the product highlights in the content of

    3. understands user

    Who is the

    of the target users, users gathered in the forum? What do users in the forum users? What kind of love? What kind of resources? What kind of content? The most common problems in user groups are those? Who is the most need to solve? Which we can solve them according to who? The user according to the needs of the organization to find the characteristics of the forum, users

    4. knows about opponent

    competitors have not done a similar promotion? How to if done? How about the operation of the whole process? How much manpower? Is there something we can learn from the


    three, familiar with target forum

    1. forum rule

    2. edition features

    3. user features

    4. registered vest, mixed face cooked

    four: prepare content to write >

    What users need is not privacy. It’s the right to make a choice

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    the world is "correct" and "positive" midswing, "privacy" is becoming a new craze, if you do not support, so that the privacy Voyeur "accomplice", Microsoft, Google, YAHOO Facebook, they will collect the information to the government and terror they will destroy the common molecules, we have a better world.

    that is not the case, we need to know three things: 1, for those companies that use our privacy to make a lot of money, they will pay more attention to privacy than our own, because our attention is a personal privacy and user privacy is the foundation of their business model, if the data was leaked, angry and questioned all users, will let them enjoy the "negative overnight" pleasure, domestic CSDN leak time is a precedent.

    2, the same choice means to give up, when you select the "Do Not Track", means that Baidu, Sina micro-blog Google, they can no longer provide personalized advertising for you, they can’t be you dig more valuable information, they can’t even get in your area, because this is the privacy. If you fill in manually, it means higher usage costs and lower accuracy.

    3, privacy is a constantly being re defined, in the absence of family and personal concept of primitive society, we do not know what is called personal privacy; before the Internet, we do not know what the Internet privacy, what is the IP address, Cookies. Today, the privacy we know may become tomorrow’s information everywhere; the things we do not care about today may be defined as privacy some day.

    today, YAHOO has done a cheerful thing, IE 10 is enabled by default "Don Not Track", a YAHOO spokesman said: go to your "Don Not Track", we don’t bird you. They mention a key thing that needs to be consistent with the user’s true will". Considering these three things, there may be users willing to "privacy" to be collected, and then exchange for a more easy-to-use product experience.

    The potential language is: Microsoft YAHOO spokesman

    you are a feather when the arrow, you can not on behalf of the user. This seems to represent the majority of advertisers and browser vendors, they are willing to choose whether to be tracking the right to consumers, but they do not want consumers to sleepwalk on the choice of the "shield", just because of the so-called experts and lawyers said, the Internet will hurt future possibilities. Whether you are willing to admit that the privacy information of big data = = = money, civilization parlance called "business model", countless people from consumption and profit.

    what’s the logical thing to do? Perhaps it’s like Android’s permission control, using a.

    Thinking about the prospect of county local station — grasp today’s tomorrow tomorrow

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    April 17th estrus an article four years of operation of local station share is mainly on the development of Yongcheng information port, to tell the truth, although the style is not too good, but it is indeed the truth my four years as a local station, especially at the station, I think the main station or to the many individual grassroots webmaster, the situation is not very optimistic, owners did not reach the early site would like to earn a lot of money, of course, in general, by a variety of ways to earn enough money for the domain name and virtual space cost! I want to master does not want to stay to maintain this situation. Therefore, the prospects of the website in the end, I personally thought and the future to do, to communicate with you, I hope we focus together!


    one, seize today’s "pre Yue" tomorrow,

    I have always been the same thinking, that is, persistent mentality, website, the important thing is to have a common heart, but also to adhere to, this is the only magic weapon, is a spirit. Since today to make a station, it cannot be of two minds, publicity, this is your work experience has been accumulated and summarized, which is the capital of your success in the future, but also to your competition weight, personally think that there is no intention of the original capital, want to a foothold in the network, it is really hard to


    two, site positioning decided to

    some webmaster, including me, began to want to build their own web site, how huge, beautiful?. This idea is not wrong, but if there is the possibility of success in the 10 years ago, now really difficult, some friends to build a portal website, publicity, the user opens after do not know what the site’s purpose is, rather than what is rather than what are not, by the philosopher said bright, very, become dark! In view of this situation, I strongly recommend that the purpose of the site is very clear, let users come to your website to know what to do, a special web site is very popular in places! This is the preliminary work required that


    when the site to a certain extent with visibility, and gradually expand the scale, in addition to those functions you had again add some content, this can increase the popularity, I do now for four years the station of Yongcheng information port is the form, let others feel not only is the hard truth, thinking that is the use of classified information to show the core portal form


    three, profit model must not be single

    bluntly, do stand to mind perhaps is your hobby, but not necessarily benefit the hobby often becomes what the clouds, so you need to put the website in some cases to bring you a little benefit, so that we can go further. Some people read that this is nonsense, we all know what to say, this is just to prepare for the site of the people say, then our station development to some extent, how to profit, simple discussion:

    The initial

    1. website first to do some alliance, do alliance must see, not empty, do.

    Small town forum website details determine success or failure

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                my place is a small county, small to what program?. Can I read an article written before the "small town web site + Forum mode operation experience". BBS promotion articles in the network search, I do not know how many, but these articles are mostly stereotyped. What QQ group promotion, mail bulk, friendship links, BBS promotion, blog promotion and so on. But most of them speak generally. Everybody knows that. In the next forum in Anyuan, on-line, a month’s look, although a short period of time. But also to the local Forum promotion experience. Small town forum, we extend the user groups are generally local residents and villagers in the field. But today I’m talking about things are very fine, very fine section, and I hope to help small town forum webmaster. The main points are as follows:

    1, hold QQ mail time,

    this time is important. What time is good? Of course, the best time to get on the Internet is the best. According to my analysis, usually around 5 p.m., the number of QQ more. Why? Because around 5 is the time for work. Most people are tired at this time, and do not want to work. So most people will open QQ to chat. This is not an on-line to see the local mail, can not open a look? If you are the morning mail, because everybody morning are busy working, even see your mail will not necessarily have the time point of view. Time is up. Can only show more people who see your mail. But to attract others to click. It depends on the content.

    2, with an attractive title and content,

    what is attractive, according to my experience, some men and women marriage posts, some home news of people’s livelihood, production process some home made some small delicacy, when some things or pictures etc.. Note that these posts must be illustrated. Otherwise, it’s not attractive, and you can send some controversial posts. What kind of argument is there? This is how you can divide your visitors into categories. For example: Anyuan forum for a "non virgin all! When you confess" caused a lot of controversy, mainly because it is the user classified into the following categories: Virgin and non virgin, virgin and non virgin. At this point, these four types of people will fight. So our purpose is also reached. Note. Between three dozen five hair some, later, others see much. If you don’t, someone else will come. Here comes one. Don’t let your users walk aside.

    3, retain users

    may have some people to register your forum every day. At this time, as managers, we must welcome new people, so that new people have a sense of warmth, belonging. Otherwise, maybe register. Get out. My approach is to open a "household registration center" section in the forum. As soon as you sign up, guide the user to register there. However.

    Novice contribution I built the site since half a month experience

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    since the beginning on the Internet to see Wangzhuan, I still do not know what web site to make money, just have time to look at the little advertising. Of course, some advertising associations will show how much of your account you’ve just started, but when you really take the money, they’ll always find N reasons to refuse. After a few months of the so-called alliance Wangzhuan lose confidence, and later heard that their website can earn advertising fees, the beginning did not have money to buy the domain name and space, to apply for a free domain name.

    used for a period of time found that many functions can not be achieved. I bought the domain name http://www.hao623.com web site, although I do a lot of Web site, the current flow is not ideal, but I believe that it is just a matter of time, as long as they have to do after will succeed. "Well," said today, "this is not a good literary talent, it is not well written.". Please forgive me. My QQ:563131240

    editorial comment: This paper although not what content, but you can see a new head of hardships and frustration in between the lines, you can believe that through their own efforts is not short, summing up the experience, hope your website can be better and better, thank you for your contribution in the webmaster network!