College of humanities, Northeast Normal University, participated in the national grand plan

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colleges and universities to encourage college students in the process of entrepreneurship, that is, to provide theoretical guidance, but also give students the opportunity to participate in practice. Comprehensively promote the implementation of college students to start a business plan for college students to provide business places, public services and financial support.

in May this year, according to the notice of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of education on 2015 "submitted to the National College Students’ innovation training plan project" (Higher Education Division 2015 Letter No. 13) and the Provincial Department of Education Office related work requirements, and actively organize, careful selection, the students, faculty and school expert preliminary declaration review of recommended 20 projects submitted to the provincial education department, the Provincial Department of Education approved recommendations for national projects, all approved the project.

Three strategies to make coffee shop coffee hot popularity

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in the new era, people like to go to the coffee shop to drink some drinks, snacks, about a few friends, a chat is an afternoon. Now open a casual coffee shop is good, then, how to open a coffee shop? How to enhance the attractiveness of the coffee shop? These points to do a good job.

coffee represents the fashion life, if the franchise store decoration is not in place, can not meet the modern populace’s demand, so franchise stores will not have what attraction. How to open a coffee shop? The coffee chain stores have a better image to ensure that there is an attractive facade decoration.

open when the coffee shop must pay more attention to service, good service to provide a guarantee, let consumers are satisfied, then, bring profit will be higher. How to enhance the attractiveness of the coffee shop? Good service to attract more customers to come, of course, attractive strong.


Magic potato kitchen West to join you at ease

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food and beverage industry, no matter how it is when and where will be a never die of the industry, food and beverage business will never cease to join the tide. Entrepreneurship is one of the first choice of the project, the project selected a description of the direction of the right direction of your entrepreneurial road will not give up halfway.

food items in a dazzling array of today, to be able to choose new products on the market did not appear to be a very good choice. "Magi Choice magic potato kitchen" is currently the only potato food as the theme of the cultural trend of the brand. From the procurement of raw materials and production processes are the most rigorous and scientific standards with the international first-class supplier of raw materials for CO production, now the magic kitchen Western-style food brands have joined the potato for the national investment, entrepreneurs are very welcome.

in order to develop in the long term, in the selection of the project should also be concerned about the market prospects of the project, then the magic kitchen kitchen to join the brand’s prospects? China in stabilizing the national economy sustained high growth in the next 20 years to China brand catering industry is a sunrise industry in the future, along with the influence of government policies, stimulating consumption and rapid growth of urban and rural residents’ income and consumption concepts and other factors, the catering industry is still hot consumer eye-catching, food consumption will continue to maintain a high level of our country growth, especially, China’s special snack this huge market has not really started, to provide a broad space for the development of China’s catering economy.

business is not easy, a good project can greatly improve the likelihood of success, through the introduction above, if you can see the magic kitchen Western-style food franchise brand potato market potential and rich, so don’t miss this rare opportunity, join now, you become the goalkeeper thisturn.

How do college students seize the market opportunities

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college students entrepreneurship is now not a novelty, and for them in terms of the market to seize the opportunity or need some skills, look at the following college students are how entrepreneurship.

"their game is really fun, like " ", " together all flurry and confusion; " and so on, most of which we have never met." In these games, the other students are challenged and happy, but Lin Jiaqian and Fu Sichun saw an opportunity, "these fresh gameplay is not common in the US, the sale of these fun gameplay, there will be good prospects."


"when the store much of the game, only playing cards, magic props games, there is no large-scale collective game."

to change the operating conditions, Lin tongjiaqian and Fu Sichun launched a collecting net type: from the Japanese or Korean in learning interesting story, collect fresh gameplay and online learning from foreign teachers from the game there. In addition, they also got the help of Taiwan students online. Soon, the White Valentine’s day, Halloween night, dark night school dinner…… One interesting activity released a series of "C-UP", will soon rise to fame in the campus.

"shop, although the cost is not high, but the profit is very high." The most let Lin Jiaqian and Fu Sichun is proud of, "C-UP" in September last year, planning the "water earth" game

Million annual salary of the resignation of the main business to rural areas to grow vegetables

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has a large market and business in the vast rural areas, while in rural areas the business prospect is actually a good, because there are a lot of people are concerned about the rural areas of entrepreneurship and rich information, and more and more people also plunge into entrepreneurship among rural areas.

"this bag of frozen food leaves of sand, clean and put it into the box." The afternoon of May 14th 4, born in 1983, fan Ming signed an agreement to a busy day Chengdu 20 home delivery of fresh "ocean vegetables" are all imported from Japan, South Korea, Israel and other countries of the banana melon, artichokes, ice dish etc.. As a promotion, each household about 8000 yuan per year, weekly delivery of the most fresh vegetables for the two time, each about 5 pounds."

but his idea started was unanimously opposed to parents, wife and friend, "crazy? One million a year do not run when the farmers pinch mud?"

"corporate vice president, after the big deal is the general manager, or some monotonous life. "Fan Mingmin believes that life is like a fixed length of the line, if experienced, recommended

Snack bar to get a good profit skills

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snack franchise in the market concern, many franchisees want to join. If you want to invest in business, you can look at the market. In fact, the investment threshold of the industry is constantly improving, so want to start a successful business, it is not so easy. Xiao Bian provides some experience to share, I hope to help your business.

why do many people recommend snacks to join the industry now? As everyone knows, snacks have great difference with the original snacks, they no longer synonymous with junk food, now the snack in the minds of consumers on behalf of the safety, health, fashion, leisure, such as nutrition, delicious delicacy, won the majority of consumers, bring a higher quality of life for the majority of consumers. It also provides a wealth of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, thus becoming the first choice for their entrepreneurial projects.

There are hundreds of brands now

snack industry, these brands therefore chose to join, uneven in quality, food industry investment entrepreneurs should be careful in the choice of projects, not casually make decisions, should be carefully screened a good snack brand to join. If investment entrepreneurs do not know how to determine what is a good snack brand, from brand awareness, reputation, the headquarters of the strength and so on as a reference, choose from a comprehensive ability is very good and very suitable for their own snacks to join the brand.

nowadays, snack stores continue to reduce the investment threshold, it also brings the competition pressure to China’s food market, so everyone in the shop in the process do not fight the battle unprepared, to winning the snack market, we must start from the above points, we constantly improve store sales.

snack shop to meet the needs of modern market development, but also need to continue to improve their competitiveness, if you see this kind of shops with traditional thinking, certainly not good business. More than the experience of sharing hope to help you, if you do not understand, you can pay attention to the relevant information, and always keep learning state, to prevent errors.

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What equipment is needed to open the print shop

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opened a printing shop in the school, the cost of investment is not large, mainly rent and equipment investment. If you want to do a small business, it is good to open a print shop. So, what do you need to do to open the print shop? What equipment do you need? The following small series to introduce you need to open the print shop equipment.

Open print shop requires these equipment,   photocopiers and fax machines, printers, computer, machine, stationery, paper, plastic film, paper and the like, just opened things do not buy too much, but must be full, see the increase in the volume of business.

but unlike any other business, typing print shop to the initial investment is not small, but the purchase of equipment not only because most of the investment, and on the quality of service, the scope of future major influence, therefore, carefully select and buy the necessary equipment. Computers, copiers, printers are the most basic type of ordinary typing printing equipment three.

in the shop before investment, understand the need to prepare the equipment shop, the shop was able to successfully earn money. What devices are needed to open the print shop?  , copiers, fax machines, printers, computers, these devices are necessary, in addition to prepare some promotional materials, office supplies, etc..


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Small jewelry store business skills sharing


small jewelry store business methods have a variety of options to choose the more important. Want to learn skills, you need to find some more practical, small series finishing a few suggestions, hoping to help you do business. From the initial stage to the late operation, there are professional guidance to help you, then it will not be difficult to operate naturally.

of course can not be generalized, the renovation costs according to local consumption level. Need something: the shelf price of 480 yuan for the whole steel structure, four storey 2 meters, 1.6 meters wide, of course, this is the highest price. The counter, spotlights and other necessities.

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Zhengzhou disabled entrepreneurs start a hundred Forum


disabled people are also a part of the public entrepreneurship, they are more urgent than ordinary people need to start the business of wealth and value. Zhengzhou City Disabled entrepreneurs Lecture Room 2 officially began to teach disabled entrepreneurs how to conduct entrepreneurship.

in the tide of the times, the public business innovation, how to better provide services for the disabled entrepreneurs? Yesterday morning, Zhengzhou City Disabled entrepreneurs Lecture Room officially launched a series of activities, through seminars, experts and professors from entrepreneurial model etc., help the disabled friends entrepreneurial road, plans to use 3 years to organize hundred lectures, to provide specific guidance for hundreds of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial projects to recommend 100 entrepreneurs.

"disabled employment, will encounter more difficulties and obstacles, face greater challenges and pressures." The CDPF official said at the launching ceremony, Zhengzhou disabled disabled entrepreneurial business service center held Lecture Room "series of activities, is to provide more help and services for entrepreneurs to join the disabled friend. Subsequently, President of the Henan Provincial Disabled Entrepreneurs Association Wang Guosheng first invited on stage, sharing his waist, casting Henan Tuoren group’s inspirational story……

since December 3, 2015 "world disabled day" after the start of the forum plans to use three years of time, one hundred lectures, to provide specific guidance for hundreds of entrepreneurs, and recommend hundreds of entrepreneurial projects to entrepreneurs, in order to achieve "entrepreneurship to employment, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm by the disabled disabled entrepreneurs forum, convergence wisdom, help more disabled people draw strength and achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

in promoting double activities, entrepreneurs with disabilities career has also been considerable development, the future will have more people with disabilities to participate in entrepreneurship, for myself, a person’s strength to contribute to society.

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Which of the ten most expensive engagement rings in the world do you like best


this year is a year of marriage, many popular stars have been married, and the bride’s ring is undoubtedly the focus of everyone’s attention. Today Xiaobian for everyone to take stock of the world’s ten most expensive engagement ring, we quickly look at these ten of the world’s most expensive engagement ring, and see which one you like best.

No.10  18 carat sapphire white diamond ring

18 Carat White Diamond Sapphire Ring, Prince William gave Catherine · Elizabeth · Middleton’s engagement ring, the ring cost about $137 thousand, and with 14 small diamonds surrounded by mysterious sapphire. Is a priceless treasure, but also a symbol of luxury, also known as the proposed ring. The engagement ring is from the late Princess Diana, the most famous of the British Royal jewels.

No.9  Argyle  Jewellers pink pear shaped engagement ring

famous Spanish pop music singer Enriquez · Iglesias gave Anna · Kournikova’s engagement ring, the ring is worth $2 million 500 thousand. It is unique is two pieces of stone trillian embedded in a 11  carat pink pear shaped diamond, as generally heart-shaped.

No.8  Fred  Leighton antique diamond engagement ring

No.7  Lesotho  III diamond ring

No.6  Graff  Graff emerald cut diamond ring

the engagement ring is the U.S. real estate tycoon Donald · Trump gave Melania · north. Ring features with 15  K platinum basket on emerald cut diamond, ring inlaid with 15 karat white diamonds. Buy Graff in London, the ring worth $3 million.

No.5  Neil  Lane blue diamond engagement ring