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  • On line today IPv6 will bring change to Shanghai dragon angle

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    deal with search engine personalized search", the author thinks that the Shanghai dragon is to deviate from them, we also need to optimize the user experience as the center. As Shanghai dragon Er we must jump off the Shanghai dragon alley. The influence of the factors will be more and more, over time and even the search engine algorithm will not be like now to do addition, then according to the ranking and score level. Of course, Google won’t tell you he is doing the addition or subtraction. IPv6 soon, will be selected out. Are you ready?

    if IPv6 let all users have their own IP, if IPv6 and IPv4 also like area distribution that search engines can understand the specific areas of specific user’s), the author predicts the search engine will seize this opportunity to provide a better user experience for users, for the majority of our Shanghai dragon er it is both an opportunity and a challenge, to see how you hold.

    in time and again before June 6, 2012, today officially launched IPv6. The agreement will be the perfect solution to the IP depletion of the international most countries appear. As Shanghai Longfeng our first concern is not to say that the increase of the network address, but to consider the impact of more deep, then to today’s Shanghai dragon which will bring what kind of big changes.

    Qiushuiyiren 2012 Summer 贵族宝贝zz>

    with the operation of IPV6 in the near future, each computer has a fixed IP of their own, so that a search engine will be able to better for the users under IP implementation of personalized search, and not just because of lack of IP limited to the region. This point for the Shanghai dragon refracted Er is a big problem. Different users search results are different, or according to the different periods in different seasons and many other uncertain factors to determine the final ranking. Then we do optimization work to how to carry out

    ?The new trend of " From the above point of view

    IPv6, the biggest change is the IP address changed. The arrival of the domestic IP today will be able to change the tense situation, some scholars said IPv6 can even as every grain of sand in a IP distribution on earth, of course it is a bit exaggerated. So the increase of IP for the search engines will produce what change? Before we start the analysis, we first need to know about the new trend of personalized search: search engine. As a result of any keyword search out all may not be the same. Of course, the current domestic still love Shanghai is mainly based on the area to determine the area, different search results may be different, for example, the current IP is in Quanzhou. We search for "weather", the search results will be in the area of information IP address appropriate changes. As shown below:

    Love Shanghai night love Shanghai focus on users to vote for new action

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    search results show love Shanghai Cao Haitao blog a domain name.

    as follows

    love night in Shanghai and Shanghai after the news search love Shanghai turning the user first gun

    hospital intimate show

    just search Congress hear love Shanghai Lee says, yesterday I also deliberately share some experiences and views I saw yesterday, Lu Songsong’s blog also published in the Shanghai Journal of love, the article has reiterated the two views of love in Shanghai:


    web search in the future: the depth of analysis of user behavior data mining machine search engine based on

    The results show the intimate Figure


    morning to the company the first thing to search your blog name, quietly found love Shanghai’s search results have been changed in

    , love Shanghai sharing is a website to help increase user share a simple tool to function only needs to realize the SNS website, adding a code in the page. Users to share content to the SNS website in the website of the behavior, will be applied to the Shanghai love web search ranking included, etc; at the same time love Shanghai to share high quality data analysis services, can help website positioning, accurate analysis of SNS flow.


    Web1.0 era, content is the website editor, the vote is also carried out on the site, the traditional search engine to the website to vote as the basis, establish the weight system based on hyperlink analysis.

    last year, we see changes more and more love Shanghai to search for a search, such as the name of the hospital, on the right side of the search results will help you to get the name of Tianjin several hospitals were excavated, intended to help you find more information more convenient. Seems very simple, but behind all the technology logic is very complex. This product in the love inside Shanghai also known as the "intimate search", a new generation of search engines no longer adhere to the literal request user input statement itself, accurately understand the real intention of the user input statement and possible expansion of demand, integration to more accurately return to the user that best meet their needs search results.

    minor The Following the A few days ago in Shanghai




    Web2.0 era, the main content creation began to change for users to vote form from a single super chain extension for sharing, evaluation, grading and other forms, with a single user for the size of voting, can better reflect the value of the site. This information will be used to judge the value of engine web content search.

    love Shanghai night scene pictures

    Lee introduced the Shanghai love algorithm from the traditional super chain gradually change to the user vote vote.

    Key words on the front page of how fast We must grasp the 4 periods!

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    is a space to shield the site search engine spiders, another situation is DNS problem, also is the DNS server, when we visit our website, first analysis with IP address, and then through the IP address to find the server problem when parsing the website, resolve to IP may be taking to shield. Especially in a small space and taking some foreign business space, this.

    then we should be how to judge whether the domain name is used before we fall in love with the sea K? We can directly enter directly in the love of Shanghai: site: your domain name or directly in Google enter your domain name, see whether your domain name information before. Here I recommend you use Google to search, because Google included more timely will be more comprehensive, if you have old domain name information, then we should go to a domain name to replace the decisive.

    , of course, that time just for a new domain name and space for the. After some Shanghai Longfeng novice will encounter a new station on the line, love Shanghai has not grasp, so this time, probably before our domain name used by others, and love to Shanghai before the domain name to K, so that Shanghai has not go to capture, but the site we put in love Shanghai "love Shanghai sandbox" to observe


    capture period However, the

    under normal circumstances, when a website of our on-line search engine spiders do not necessarily go to crawl. For new sites, from the line to the search engines to crawl is take some time. Generally takes about a week to two weeks or so time.

    : a

    keyword ranking cycle, but also have certain rules, the whole want fast keywords on the front page, we must grasp the following 4 key periods:

    in general can be divided into three parts, one is through the search engine over the flow through an external link over the flow, there is a user direct access to our domain over the flow.

    for a new website, we want to put the key words do love Shanghai home in a short period of time, but we need to master certain skills outside of Shanghai dragon, we also need to grasp the composition of Shanghai Longfeng keyword ranking cycle! Only in this way can we fundamentally use the shortest time to we want to optimize keywords do love Shanghai home. As we all know, a site traffic source:

    there is a situation, that is to say, the name we are new, have not been used before, but after the domain name online submission, the search engine spiders can crawl, crawl but when problems lead to grab failure. If this is the case, it may be caused by two situations:

    The mark of love Shanghai in search results found

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    is a list of my own ranking

    in the search results will have such a picture, look more pictures, obviously this is another big improvement love Shanghai structured data, this improvement should be a system upgrade like Shanghai. But you may have so few questions as follows.

    you site your own website, will find that their home is the latest snapshot of your site, and you love the Shanghai title that snapshot is not necessarily the most new. This understanding in Xiaobin is a correlation with the weight problem. You site your own web site, the correlation is the highest, so will the best.


    as shown above, "site:www.qiankoo贵族宝贝" will display a picture show, and love Shanghai "forum" and not thousands of cool display pictures of

    why some places do not show pictures of

    from the weight, picture quality, pictures, the quality, the number of words, forms and other aspects of the page, and we should be more concerned about how search engines crawl web content, grab the order, the front-end code, data index, site type and page type etc.; on the other hand that is, the love of Shanghai structured data update has just begun, at present with the graphic display, but not the number of pages have identified too much love, Shanghai period to update a cache or need, or we need to wait for the.

    do not know if you can understand what I mean. The above is my understanding of this phenomenon for abstraction.

    page display that the effect of

    site > > search site; site title > site keywords; > long tail keywords "


    love Shanghai search system upgrade which specific performance? Careful friends will find this:


    this is very easy to understand, in fact, the principle is the same and the snapshot system.


    Due to the recent How to make your ?We do not have to ?

    love Shanghai search system fully upgraded, more on the quality of website content recognition accuracy, this will enable a large number of excellent content to get faster and more complete collection. It starts from the end of December, the amount of data you see the site index will be increased to a certain degree, with index data in sea tools will also have the corresponding promotion, this promotion is a normal phenomenon, please everyone with new data as the standard.

    recently love Shanghai search engine has a new trend, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform official announcement:

    How to guide the flow of a website

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    : first by way of regular brush "search, drop-down box or


    second: blog visits

    I believe that many owners have had similar troubles for a long time why built site does not flow? Some day when several people see? This can be said to be the owners of the problem. The webmaster friends simply find the software to brush flow, or for each brush. We all know that a site without flow if you can’t do what. Flow of potential customers of post operation can proceed. How can a popular traffic? Today Fujian Shanghai dragon head wind will share with you some of my thoughts:


    third: Mito induced flow

    induced flow through the picture, you can find some beautiful pictures, or creative pictures can add watermark. To the group or forum to sit propaganda. If a picture of the creative, attracting many people would be saved for future.


    blog visits, we suggest that you can find a few Hot Blog such as "Moonlight", "Lu Songsong" blog blog Hot Blog etc.. Because they are each blog blogger comments on 100. We can one next to give their comments over the past, because the blog comments can bring website address and email all this when you go to others when others comment will come to your comment. To such a goal of his day to visit many. Insist every day there will be a considerable part of the blogger to visit. Of course, if the station is a type of blog, Alexa world rankings are of great help. Because most browsers have installed alexe query plugin. It will accelerate the upgrading of Alexa ranking.

    general search engines often refer to the search engine drop-down box prompts, or related search tips. If you own the website also appears in the above is of great help to get traffic. Often see your mail or QQ group often brush search AD, so many friends have brush. Usually hang up each point through software to achieve, but it is said that a lot of brush will obviously be search engine punishment, the bypassing. About to guide the search through formal channels, love Shanghai there are several search keywords ranking several. We can make good use of love Shanghai products to guide itself. For example, I want to do is brush word "back" I love Shanghai Tesco quiz stickers, to attract users to search and so on. Then it can go to the SNS website, to guide the meager. Of course write soft friend is of course write the article guide effect is the best. When a user searches for the word you guide more, in the search box box and drop the word will appear.

    "When they went to

    Link building should be how to set goals and evaluate your competitiveness

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    monitors your links to competitors

    analysis of your competitors link is a very important part of the Shanghai dragon but now we only want to pay attention to the chain two – chain number and your competitors. These data will help you for your own custom fit your goals.  

    "a lot of" what is

    my last column is used to observe how can increase your external links. Regularly check your links, record number, and draw out how they are increased with the change of time, this is a very important step to control the link.   however, the most important is not as usual imagination, but also do something to change their. In other words, you need to establish a link, a lot of links.  

    any Shanghai dragon knows that link is very important for ranking and indexing, especially for Google. But now through those common keyword ranking strategy to obtain search traffic has not a high feasibility. (especially for those small businesses), if you research the ranking of the interval, then you can find those links from these rankings.  


    obviously, when it comes to the link, "many others" will become "almost no". All this depends on his niche and competitiveness. But for us is lucky enough, we can easily to our own website to come up with some practical ideas.  

    in my last column, we saw three different used to calculate the chain of tools: Webmaster Tools (noble baby Google Webmaster Tools), Open Site Explorer (open source detector) and Majestic Shanghai dragon. Each gives different data, because the site index at random, each data have the wrong place. However, if you have sharp eyes, you will find a very important details, there is another version of the webmaster tools, these tools can be used to check your competitors and your own chain chain.  

    but when you start, you need to find out which one of your competitors is in the first row. It is very important to distinguish your opponent and search for "real life" opponents (maybe in some time they are the same). We only need a simple closed.

    in the business process, before the start of the project in the heart has a clear goal is good (or on paper). If you are your own boss, realistic, short-term goals, even more, it is helpful to improve your career. But you can’t just dream, you are not for your link building to create some substantive things?  

    How to operate overseas data from falling in love with the site outside the chain chain

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    although the chain of personal space in the number of no advantage, but the more small piece of meat, for our small webmaster was not what the chain resources can a piece is a piece of


    this is love Shanghai crawl A5 forum data, we all know that A5 is unable to add text anchor text signature can only capture data, and love Shanghai and I just BBS signature is the same, indicating that the forum signature effect still exists. But many webmaster said the forum signature effect did not, presumably because of the large amount of irrigation in Weakness lends wings to rumours. forum content quality decline in love in Shanghai in order to enhance the user experience of those who use the forum had to reduce the weight of the chain of the irrigation, so everyone in the forum after the number of the chain must not only quality is king.

    , a forum signature is still useful

    three, this data is not directly affect the ranking of

    two, love Shanghai grab forum personal space



    we will find a lot of forum signature cannot set the anchor text, then this forum resources we can not give up? In fact although some forum signature can not engage in the anchor text, but the forum space can be set. Ekey Shanghai dragon by digging chain data for love outside of Shanghai, found that Shanghai is love can grab the personal space as shown below.


    love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools last wrote two instructions, inform the webmaster query outside the chain of tools of data is not directly decided to love Shanghai ranked data, in fact, from which data can also be found in this issue. There are a lot of the chain has been open, NetEase blog with nofollow love Shanghai were also grab, there are many tools in the text also demonstrated. So when everyone in the release of the chain must be screened cut can not blindly spamming.




    Although love Shanghai

    outside the chain of tools in the data is not the true meaning of the chain, but at least it can be told where to grab our love Shanghai, then we can combine their own understanding of the Shanghai dragon screening of valuable resources from outside the chain, so that we can improve our working efficiency. The whole love Shanghai outside the chain of tools of data is relatively comprehensive, only.

    love Shanghai has finally launched the upgraded version of the tool chain, the chain can not only check their website can also query other web site data, but these data are not for ranking help. Today, Shanghai dragon is easy to share with you my love in Shanghai through the analysis of the chain data by inspiration and ideas.

    How to carry out the analysis of user needs

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    first, search the word "Shanghai dragon" love Shanghai drop-down box the first word there is "what" is Shanghai dragon, this shows that want to understand the concept of Shanghai Longfeng users is the most, so in our website content inside the content reflected the concept of the Shanghai dragon, appeared in second. "Shanghai Dragon optimization" this word, we find the word with "Shanghai dragon is what the word" user demand, the difference between the two is not in the third position is "Shanghai dragon", indicating that the user has tutorial tutorial Shanghai Longfeng demand and so on, and so on.

    (2) love Shanghai drop-down box in the figure above, it is not difficult to find, "sail" brand belongs to the category of demand, the word to our website without any association.


    (1) love Shanghai drop-down box are ranked by the user for a period of time the amount of search and decision. The only response during a period of time that the needs of users, such as the recent disappearance of Malaysia Airlines, a short period of time there are a lot of people who love Shanghai in search of the missing Malaysia Airlines latest news, love Shanghai drop-down box indicates, if, after things over the years, we go to search for the missing Malaysia Airlines, love Shanghai the drop-down box will give out the missing Malaysia Airlines latest news tips, the answer is definitely not.

    (3) see "Shanghai dragon tutorial" the word, we can think of is not very fast, what are the requirements of the user guide, such as the user needs is a video or a document, is to watch online or download etc..

    any site to Shanghai dragon optimization, must carry on the analysis of user needs, only after the user needs to be able to make our web site for ranking, because Shanghai is not likely to love a does not meet the needs of users on the site home page. Analysis of user demand is very big impact on our website optimization, it is an important factor in ranking sites, many people will think that the user needs analysis is very difficult to do, that is in fact, there are many speak generally, method of user demand analysis, here I simply introduced the drop-down box to love Shanghai.

    this paper comes from the Taiyuan Shanghai dragon.

    suppose that we want to do a Shanghai dragon website, so how do we analyse the user needs

    finally, after we put these needs sorted out a list, arranged according to their importance, so the user needs analysis is basically completed.


    second, deep mining and screening of demand, the reason for this:

    user demand analysis we just begin to do a website optimization, want to get good rankings just do these is not enough, because of changes in user needs, which requires us to study through the comparison of different methods, so that the conclusion is reliable.

    In the face of love Shanghai engine continued to force the website optimization method of how to cha

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    search engine algorithm changes the original and pseudo original mode, before the site only need to find some writers just write some articles can cause the attention to search engine spiders per day to website content capture, and with the change of the search engine, which deliberately false original and copy of the article has not been able to cause the search the engine’s attention, now the search engine is really love the original article, a few days ago I took a website beginning with the method of pseudo original wrote a 500 word article search engine is not included, but yesterday I wrote a more than 1000 word of the original article, the article in 2 an hour it was included in the search engine, can be seen from the search engine algorithm change to the website.

    I am a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, has four years of experience in the website optimization, the optimization process of these four years has accumulated a lot of experience, beginning to optimize the site feel search engine algorithm is very simple, no matter what kind of website can be within a few months to search engine optimization the home page, with the search engine algorithm change rapidly, optimize the site now has many changes, using the portal from the beginning of the blog to take now independent blog and large forum set up the chain, from the beginning of this chapter acquisition and pseudo original articles to present original articles, these are the change of website optimization the means, and now the largest search engine love Shanghai changed large-scale algorithm, now I accept some website optimization, the entire site Enter the change situation of optimization technique.

    Look at the content of

    finally come to see the website code, with the improvement of the algorithm.

    first search engine algorithm has punished deliberately chain means, to do the site do is outside the chain, the chain drives the website forward, and now the search engine to determine whether the chain is cheating, whether it is hanging outside the chain before the behavior, optimize the site only need to buy a few high weight and the PR chain can easily make the website ranking improved, and now the purchase of the chain has not can bring the leading role of higher for the website search engine, more attention is paid to the outside of the chain of diversity and stability, the chain can bring positive effect for the development of the website.

    recently we have seen the love Shanghai search engine continued to force, many site is down right, and in the process of building sites will be encountered in the operation, optimization, construction and so on setbacks, as a webmaster not only need to have a psychological, there should also be non technical optimization where, on the website optimization we must learn to "formlessness", regardless of site development to which a point should have overcome the psychological, in the face of various difficulties of innovative ideas, let’s talk about the search engine algorithm in the changing period of how to optimize the site.

    Finally, look at the code First look at the chain


    How to optimize the effect of the 2012 forum signature examples

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    we can see if we’re in a forum on the left tens of thousands of signatures to reply, but as long as we in the day the account signature change or delete, before being included in our signature forum posts on the link will change. That is to say, we have left the signature link all was changed into the current signature links, and what is the impact on our site? First, the weights of the site is basically unchanged, we can also see the weight brought from this forum signature is basically negligible. Then, it can give new links to bring more opportunities to the spider crawling, although many posts are included, the spider crawling little again, but some can be crawling. The following is the experimental site, I have to look through the change of the forum signature effect:

    , a forum signature to


    we do the chain is not to pass it to our site of the weight, however, the author found that the weight is currently through the forum signature transfer is very low, and this trend is lower. Why? The first flood forum signature has attracted more and more attention to the quality of content search engine will reduce the weight of discontent, the. Then this method is the use of forum signature you want others to want to get, and the threshold is very low, even if a page weight is very high, is the simple forum signature so much, finally you get is very little.

    The weight of

    from the above we can see changes in Shanghai love of the chain, the increasing link is the author obtained through the forum signature, but these did not bring to the site of the weight lifting. His only role is to increase the rate of search engine crawling. The site has just changed title, also submitted to the search engine. But the search engine spiders never came crawling, so I try to get the forum outside the chain of construction, in the construction stage, and finally through the forum outside the chain will be successful introduction of spider web

    we can see that in 2012, the forum signature role tends to weaken, we should also get the signal, when the construction of the chain, don’t put the center in quantity, more should consider the quality of the chain, in order to make our site has a more.

    two, forum signature to change the chain changes brought by

    chain construction for one of the most important work in the optimization work we do, most of the methods in the forum outside the chain are used through the forum signature, many people often use the Shanghai dragon Er signature to do outside the chain, after all, directly on the forum outside the chain is easy to cause the main version to delete posts and even titles. The signature is relatively loose. Then in 2012 the BBS signature effect how? Still like the past effect? The author on this issue to share her own points through their own experience.