Entrepreneurial probability increase potential + + + + + + capital multiplication

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a lot of people in the industry know Morningside Liu Qin, a very low-key investor, invested in many successful projects, including Sohu, Ctrip, nine, the mass media, play YY, UC, thunder, millet technology, ifeng.com. He said so many words in micro-blog: entrepreneurial success really is a small probability event, the 1 industry of chance and opportunity, but also enough, 2 team execution only stronger, not the strongest, 3 capital to join, also know how to do multiplication, rather than subtraction. The three superposition, such as resonance, there is a chance of success. But the question is how can such a good thing happen?

entrepreneurial success is indeed a small probability event, the entrepreneurial process, the first we can not control. Who can not expect business environment, such as mobile Internet is a good opportunity for the industry, 2011 is a good time to enter this industry, but before that, who can expect the mobile Internet will be developed, a variety of mobile devices running different app, such a big change in people’s digital life, most even if some people do not know, a few people know, predicted that the industry will fire, but did not choose the right time, is likely to die earlier than the product, is a genius, as early as the two step is crazy.

since the environment is the same as everyone, but why did you succeed you did not succeed? To say a bit extreme, are dependent on people. You can’t control, but you can at least influence.

Paul Graham once said: a good VC must be decisive enough to quickly determine how a start-up company in the end, once identified, we must take seriously". Similarly, for entrepreneurs, you have to be decisive, shilly-shally often finds a market without a single success, if you want something, then decided to do a product, to have the courage to throw the helve after the hatchet execution, we said, truly a a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but how many


ancient Huashan Road, unlimited scenery in the Xian Feng, rush into danger may have two results, a very bright, the ordinary people, we pursue these dull life people can not get something, another possibility is that you will die miserable, may have nothing, no partner is not

has a home, it is possible.


business is "devastated" people’s things, entrepreneurs need to bear more pressure, we encountered people encounter no difficulties, tangled, suffering, loneliness, but since the business wants to make these preparations stand. In the final analysis is not successful, with the biggest factor,

that’s why a lot of angel choose a team when it comes to choosing a person, a good person to see the market will not be bad, in the event of a difficult blow

Google Adsense, have you been banned today

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Recently on the Google Adsense, it is much raise a Babel of criticism of the. Many of them have innocence, maniang, more people go find some tricky. In this regard, I feel quite. So write something to exchange with you.

common block:

1, click on their stand on advertising, this behavior is known as "invalid clicks". Google original policy: "we do not allow for any reason you click on your own ads on your site, because it might give advertisers cost increases". Google how to determine whether its click, a widespread view is IP. In fact, another very important indicator is cookies. Delete cookies All is well? No, because you will never be cleverer than google;

2, breach of Google exclusive policies, put on the website of Google, Baidu, Sogou advertising content properties. Google policy: "we are not allowed to use the Google search service for Google ads or search boxes to be posted on a web page that we consider competitive advertising or service." ;

3, description of Google advertising, the policy can not use "sponsored links" and "advertisement" beyond description. Google policy: "publishers are not allowed to use" sponsor links "and" advertising "other than the text to mark the ads." ;

5, other advertising for you, such as floating ads inadvertently blocked Google advertising sight? Google strictly stipulates that any part of the advertisement is visible; the Google policy reads: "hinder web browsing and cover up Google advertising"

6, your website is MP3, pictures, movies and other websites have obvious copyright disputes. Google policy: "should not be displayed in the Google ads with MP3, video, news and image results, such as the contents of the web page." ;

7, your site if there are too many ads, here where the drift, flash, out of order seriously affect the user experience? Google policy: "the site should not contain too much advertising";

8, pop ads on page.;

Five A compatible network by Union chief letter

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dear webmaster friends, Hello!

although I may not know you, but I want to say to you: Thank you!

I was 520940 (I love you is you) five A dating network chairman Chen, thank you very much for your support and care since this period of time, let 520940 (I love you is you) five A dating network can quickly grow and Thrive! We also hope that the group of 20 years always adhere to the "law-abiding decent, honest and fair way" corporate culture, can get your support and affirmation to the


since recently, due to the company supervisor Mr. Ho and career planning, leave in a hurry, may transfer procedures is not perfect, so that there is a very small part of the union heard not settle accounts…. I am impressed by the fact that, for one year, all of the company’s money has been paid almost 100% within two days, as long as Mr Ho has been proposed. So today I heard this, very shocked, immediately instructed Mr. Zhang and Mr. Huang took over the supervision, "honesty" enterprise culture, fair treatment, will not let any of my 520940 five A match network integrity support warmly received any webmaster friends not forced and flat, also hope webmaster friends can continue to hesitate offer support and advice, let us create a win-win business opportunities and greater cooperation in the future a longer period of time in the merry


business is booming!

520940 (I love you is you) five A compatible network


Chen Xianzhen from 0716/2008

The Internet China refused to solo

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The Internet China refused – Solo

in October 22, 2002, when the Sohu reports third quarter first announced their "comprehensive profit", in the winter of the Internet bubble for years China portal, finally ushered in the era of comprehensive profit.

reap the melons, lucky.

in April 2004, this participation by "2004 China Internet Summit, Zhang Zhaoyang, Wang Juntao, Xie Wen, Robin Li, Zhou Honghui, Lei Jun, such as a public Internet community fierce people together. Although another theme of the conference is to celebrate the 10 anniversary of the birth of the Internet Chinese, but at this time, the China NASDAQ stocks fame – Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other traditional portals have multiple consecutive quarters of profitability, TOM online, Ctrip, Linktone Internet army has landed on the Nasdaq, and investors enthusiastically, however, the meeting has always been shrouded in a tragic atmosphere of a "great mansion on the point of collapse before.

"in front of the buildings will be flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? Will it be an illusion?" Since.

A novice to do a month to earn hundreds of dollars inspiration

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last weekend, nephew came to me. He was excited and said, "I made more than one hundred bucks today!"

"Oh, good, continue to work hard, what?" Oh, two nephew lively open chat.

it’s about a month ago.

‘s nephew was attending university, senior year, help me to do more than 1 years assistant, I almost half of the sites are always let him help maintain (oh, no way, their talent is trustworthy, and my station is very convenient to maintain and update the workload is not big).

a month ago, I think it is time to let him try to do independent, he asked him, now I have a project, picture station, movie station, health station, QQ station, station, station, edge adult novel Chinese GG, GG, Baidu, English Amoy theme, download and install plug-ins, real Baidu GG, flow, mass flow, promotion, plug flow, Trojan, virus promotion tool brush flow, true and false traffic and so on, he want to do? Oh, tell me the It is as expected without demur, want to learn to do, I smiled: "come slowly, you start to do too much, now the project is to keep winning, the fittest quality projects down (I do not treasure project is not falling, ha ha, in general, three do not, low profits do not, do not less, short-term projects do, but also continue winning Well, the fittest) one or two has been very good, and a lot of things are common, pay attention to their own mastery is good, slowly." The best under discussion, decided to let him do the Tao and Chinese GG.

then asked him to open the domain name business cooperation we buy domain name, buy foreign host host, then the optimization of good station procedures, image station procedures to him, with the tools chosen keywords, then to help him do a few links with him, then let him in accordance with the usual methods, tools and software to operation, oh, these nephews are familiar, as for buying GG, for Ali mother these nephew also are very familiar with, of course, before some of the core things that began to teach him: This is the core competitive force, ha ha.

wanted to directly open an account for him, in my own American server Oh, think after all hope he start the whole process of their independent operation, but also do not care about the money, ha ha, little nephew also would like to use my server at the same time, just find a program to do, I resolutely stop him Oh, do, will try to do, start to do, the space must be selected, to foreign (the price is good, no record, can build a lot of website, database, and not afraid to put the edge, not afraid of IP, because can be free of charge for IP), support for large flow stability and the program is, to optimize the good and easy to maintain and update, must start to choose the right to do, many webmaster is due to start not to do that, to achieve a certain degree Find naught, to start from.

GOOGLE registration two shortcuts

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one, apply for GOOGLE blog, automatically open GOOGLE advertising account, this account is ADSENSE account, and ADSENSE account can also be used immediately to the ADWORDS account.

two, a website, called dada network, this website is a network of friends, but this is a Wangzhuan color dating, as long as you apply for an account, create a GOOGLE account automatically for you, is said to be carried out in cooperation with GOOGLE, so this account is generally not K, when you apply for the automatic generation of GOOGLE account ID.

dada in the Internet, obtain high income is very simple, is to keep the hair beautiful pictures, each region is a beautiful dating ad soon, these dating links flow up.

three, any one station, a non-profit station, have more than one Wangzhuan master, the master is Wangzhuan maximize the use of this platform for revenue on their own, so we have to go to the analysis we have encountered some Wangzhuan station, analysis of the most popular people in the station.

Entrepreneur don’t beat yourself

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lead: some start-up entrepreneurs often due to their own problems and crashed out of the sea, distraught. Few entrepreneurs share their ideas and lessons: authentication authorization, early and often in this world does not owe you anything.

some start-up entrepreneurs often due to their own problems and crashed out of the sea, distraught. In order to avoid the subsequent repeat, few entrepreneurs to share their experience and lessons: to verify their ideas, as soon as possible and often authorization, the world doesn’t owe you anything.

people always say that entrepreneurship is not easy, this statement is somewhat conservative, in fact, entrepreneurship is a very painful process. Sometimes, if you are on top of the world, but the rest of the time? You can only look at everything before you fall apart, but incapable of action, the heart is full of disappointment.

experienced entrepreneurs from the "post Zhu Geliang" type of reflection in the draw from the strength of the support of their perseverance, but the first venture is not so lucky. Every obstacle you can get stuck, give up before you have not really started, your entrepreneurial dream will be halted.

when you first venture, it is difficult to see the dawn of the future. A temporary setback appears continuously, and you may not be aware of, you are the biggest obstacles and enemies.

, however, such a situation is not uncommon. Every experienced entrepreneur has gone through your current predicament, and they’ve got one of the most important lessons: how to avoid becoming a stumbling block to the company’s success.

is the following three suggestions from other entrepreneurs:

before the start of the first test of their own creative

"when we first started, we didn’t have any communication with our clients, and we invested thousands of dollars. We want to create a blog network, and many of our results are completely wrong. The venture ended up in failure, and we didn’t even put the product in front of any customer." Clare: Herbert, founder of the

website CrowdfundingHacks to raise public

if you create a product that doesn’t have a clear market, or if the product you create is not what the customer wants, the end result can only be a waste of money. Entrepreneurs can easily fall into the trap of fast execution. When we are passionate about something, it is often difficult to resist the temptation to put our ideas into practice.


but your vision may be wrong. You may think that the idea is exactly what the customer wants, but the opposite is true.

Herbert said: "in the second venture, I asked the designer to create a prototype can be clicked. As a result, 90% of the solutions are not what my customers want, but they are interested in the simplest of the 10%. As a result, I can save $250 thousand on unnecessary opening

How do we learn to start a business Whether to look at the entrepreneurial class books

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a friend said, you have to answer the know so many market problems before, to talk about their new book "business, we know what it" in the chat. I think this book is not only of interest, because the product columns often encounter some entrepreneurs in said, but I want to talk about entrepreneurship this thing itself.

entrepreneurial atmosphere is almost the biggest difference between the Internet circles and other industries, especially in Beijing. If you are an Internet practitioner, did not say "want to do something", then you are embarrassed to say that they are doing this line. The enthusiasm of the market or even push God beta coffee, 3W coffee that entrepreneurs chat places.

of the Internet industry, entrepreneurship has been given a lot of romantic feelings, she and other industries to open a fast food restaurant, doing the clothing business, the industry is moving in on the highest output change radically, single month record, according to the purchase price, the Whatsapp value of every employee is 200 million dollars.

but entrepreneurship is also difficult. In the work, although you do not like the boss can enjoy high operating dividends, but at the same time you do not have to take any risks, you can also have a clear path to enhance their own. But once you start a business, no one can teach you, completely dependent on their ability to learn.

this is my contact zone many ordinary entrepreneurs — extremely excited, affected by the spirit, not to do the evaluation of specific projects, reliable, more vulnerable to emotional incitement. This is why I never read the books business of audio-visual material: these books are not to change my life, is to change the world, but they never tell you how to do it, even if they are told, there is no reproduction of celebrity biography – together to sell plastic flowers.

so for me, a worthwhile entrepreneur to see the content often have several conditions:

first, by entrepreneurs themselves, rather than 99.99% of the market in the description of the third party author.

second, not to talk about the company’s large scale entrepreneurial process, and talk about the small and medium sized company’s entrepreneurial process, because it is sufficient to have details.

third, don’t talk about spiritual things, extremely excited doesn’t make your project more execution, it will do a lot of things, spend your limited energy, and finally you are attributed to the execution is not enough.

this is my past recommend reason know market answer, he gave enough details, regardless of the success or failure of the venture, he solved many entrepreneurs cannot be found in other parts of the project, how to evaluate the reliable answer: how to find the risk investment, how to recruit, how cold start, for these the entrepreneur is the most difficult, a real working people will know the value of experience.

so you feel me

Web site named nine tips

You are waiting to start your.Com. Perfect your strategy, your plan is novel and unique, your team full of wit, you risk capital Everfount…… Everything is ready except one crucial element. From the time the site is getting closer and closer, how are you going to promote your site? How to build your network brand? And most importantly, what do you call your.Com?

brand name and Internet as speeding development. While the new rules are still under way, there are some websites that are most likely to be ignored even with the most groundbreaking launch plans.

– start

– as simple as possible

any website URL address should be concise, easy to spell, easy to understand, this is one of the most important principles. Like "Yahoo!" , "eBay", "Sina", "8848" these sites have been deeply imprinted in the minds of Internet users. Indeed, we know that most of these names have been registered by millions of companies. However, there are still a large number of letters and numbers that have not been used.

– avoid hackneyed and stereotyped expressions

Avoid the use of

Avoid the use of.Com –

now just as the registration site to enter the Internet ticket". Why do you have to emphasize that you are a network company? To know that in a few years most of the business will be implemented online anyway, most of the enterprises will be transformed into the Internet business". Therefore, the.Com as part of your company’s name is very short-sighted, but also detrimental to the long-term development of the company.

– to avoid the use of descriptive language

False friends in taobao.com cheated million Yuan grand prize

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days ago, Chongqing netizens laugh at the clouds "complained to reporters, said he was a fake Taobao" cheated 2350 yuan.

"I link to the taobaoiti.cn website, hanging above the taobao.com logo, also prompted I will get a prize.

"netizens laugh at sea" said later when he started his half believe and half doubt to browse the site, and found that the notary office of Zhejiang province and Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Bureau charging license text after he had confidence in the activity. Subsequently, in accordance with the prompts, he will be 2350 yuan prize money to the other side of the designated bank account. A few days later, the prize is without hearing a word about


reporter log on to the page to see that the style of the page and the real Taobao web page is very similar. At the same time, at the bottom of the site customer service hotline, users also suggested: "please take good care of your lucky user activity verification code, avoid others to steal impersonator, if lost the consequences." Reporters from the web page to see, very attractive: the grand prize winning activities to get 58000 yuan in cash and the Samsung Corp sent Q30 notebook computer.


address is taobaoiti.cn Taobao site is fake!" yesterday, the reporter made contact with the Taobao site, the staff said that the winning activity is held at Taobao, and this page URL (taobaoiti.cn) does not belong to taobao.com, the customer service hot line is fake. At present, they are ready to alarm rights. At the same time, the staff reminded, users encounter such a situation, it is best to call Taobao’s only customer service telephone consultation, so as not to be deceived." At the same time, Zhejiang notary office staff said they did not participate in the activities of the notary, and they are also ready to alarm to the public security organs.